Rwanda is a landlocked country bordering Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Congo. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa, with an area about the size of Wales or Belgium. Due toits topography it has a biological richness far greater than its size suggests. The earliest inhabitants were pygmoid hunters. In more modern times it became a German Colony in 1885 and in 1918 was mandated to Belgium. It was known in earlier days as “The Land of A Thousand Hills”, but has now leapt to fame as, “The Land of Gorillas In The Mist”. It is the adopted home of Dian Fossey and is one of the most important homes for the rare mountain gorilla. After the terrible events in the country in 1994 it has again become one of the worlds finest adventure and ecotourism destinations. The mountain gorillas are awe inspiring as ever, and the chimpanzees and monkeys of Nyungwe with its lush vegetation is a must, as is also the big game park of Akagera. The bird life with some 670 recorded species make this a paradise for bird watchers.A truly wonderful country with great facilities, fine food and a culture rich in its heritage.








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